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Texas Ski Ranch hosted it’s first-ever “Polar Bear Ride.” More than 200 people, including 46 brave wakeboarders, joined us for free cable and free skate. In New Years fashion, we celebrated with party hats, noise makers and black eyed peas for good luck! We were able to keep riders warm with a beach bonfire, free coffee, free cocoa, and free hot dogs. To ring in the new year, TSR ran a 2011 promotion offering 11% off all Boardshop purchases, 11% off camp, and 11% off gold passes. We raffled-off 12 limited edition TSR Snuggies throughout the day which made everyone smile with excitement! 1/1/11 also marked the grand opening of our new C Rail. The riders really enjoy hitting the newly remodeled structure, as pro-rider Cody Johnson exclaims, “it’s so much better than before.”

The Polar Bear Ride is an event designed to give the community an opportunity to utilize our facility for free! It’s our way of saying “thank-you!” Having such an event encourages people to ride, even during the winter, because it is free and many others will be riding too. “Many of the people that rode the cable at Polar Bear Ride did so because they did not want to pass on an opportunity to ride for free. Without this event, many would not have the motivation to come out to TSR and ride in the cold. We will keep providing the free events as long as there are cable and skate-hungry people in the area,” stated Event Coordinators Dan Hardy and Carrie Woodard at the exact same time.

At Polar Bear Ride, people can experience Texas hospitality by enjoying warm beverages on the house, hot dogs and black eyed peas to fuel energy to the riders, and action sports galore- all at no cost.