Once a year Body Glove rolls through town to reward loyal Body Glove and Ambush customers with a day on the lake with one of their team riders. Last Sunday, Body Glove and Buywake.com rider (and the best wakeboarder on the planet), Harley Clifford, spent the day on Lake Allatoona with seven of our best supporters.

Harley cured everyone’s  Pro Tour Block Party hangover with a killer set behind the Ambush Nautique G-21. For most of the riders in the boat, it was the first time they were able to experience that level of riding up close and in person.

Harley Clifford Blowin' Minds
Then, it was time for the fans to ride.

Kyle Butler Slayshin'

Mac Rubright mid Tantrum

A.J. Petrillo in the Clouds
A.J. Petrillo’s run inspired Harley and the two decided to take a doubles set.

A.J. Boosting over Harley

Harley's Raley over A.J.

Body Glove High Fives

Inverted Body Glove High Fives
After the water started to get blown out, the wake surf sessions began. Each rider treated the Nautique G-21 wake like their personal chopping block.

Frank Maiolo Trimming down the Line

Chad Smallwood Getting Comfy

Claire Doyle Showing the Boys How its Done

A Determined Drew Carter
Followed by a set at Terminus Wake Park to finish the day.

Check the video of the event:

Much thanks to Body Glove, Harley Clifford, Kevin Michael, Joe McNulty, A.J. and Jamie Petrillo, Drew Carter, Frank Maiolo, Chad Smallwood, Kyle Butler, Claire Doyle, and Mac Rubright. It was a fun day.

Harley Ride Day Crew (L to R): A.J. Petrillo, Drew Carter, Joe McNulty, Frank Maiolo, Chad Smallwood, Harley Clifford, Kyle Butler, Mac Rubright, Claire Doyle