There is always something cool about “limited edition” stuff. Remember those black and red U2 edition iPods? Yeah, kickass. Wakeboards and wakeboard bindings are no different – several companies offer limited edition graphics/color schemes to various products they make. Recently Harley Clifford and his sponsor Buywake teamed up to come out with their own extremely limited edition version of his signature Liquid Force board and boots. I headed over to Harley’s place last week to take some photos and this bad boy combo pops like Rice Krispies or, dare I say it, like a board with “ultra progressive 3-stage rocker.” Matte black, blue, and purple combine to give it an edgy Cookie Monster kickin’ it with the Count on Sesame Street vibe. Trust me, that’s a good thing – totally kickass.


Eat this, U2… you still haven’t found what you’re looking for


Harley got to work with the guys at Buywake to put together a board and binding combo that fit his style and personality, and it shows in this limited edition package. If you look close you’ll even spot a monkey hanging out in the graphic somewhere. If you’re in the market for a new setup this year, but want something different from everybody else on the water, head over to Buywake and grab one of these bad boys. Only 60 boards and 60 boots were created, so you know they aren’t going to last very long.


It looks good in the mirror, too


Harley’s riding speaks for itself

There’s nothing like some good people coming together to come up with something cool, all so we can reap the benefits of having it for ourselves… kind of like The Count & Cookie Monster…