Felix Georgii has come onto the wake scene hard in the past year bringing a heavily influenced snow style to the cable parks of Germany and beyond. We know him from events like Wake the Line, videos from cheerwithnico.com and now it’s time we get to know him on a more personal level…


…So Felix, Have you ever:


Been in love?

Yes, but girls still can show me what love is…


Been knocked out?

Been knocked out from Wakeboarding? No. Been knocked out from a fight? no. Been knocked out from Alcohol? Yes.


Gone to a rave in Europe?

No, I don´t like this hnz-hnz-hnz-hnz-hnz music you speak of.


Been drugged?

No, I’ve just been drunk against my will.


Met David Hasselhoff?

No, but I would love to meet him!


Visited the emergency room?

Yes, too often. Most recently it was for a dislocated left foot.


 Felix’s foot tilted “slightly to the left.” We wish him a speedy recovery in the next few weeks.


Lost your wallet?

Yes, but I found it under the couch, again…


Impressed yourself with something you built?

Yes, every day my mountain of dirty clothes gets higher and higher.


Dropped your phone in the lake?

Yes, and it´s not as funny as it sounds.


Seen someone naked in public?

Yes, Manu Rupp running naked trough Munich because he lost a bet.


Been naked in public?

Yes, when I was two.



 Felix fully clothed at Wake the Line 2012.


Gone to a tanning bed?

No, I don´t like those bitch-toasters.


Waxed the hair off your body?

Yes, it was the painfullest beauty bullshit ever.


Driven on the wrong side of the road?

Yes, every time I overtake all other cars in my “VW Golf BON-JOVI edition” with speed of sound.


Asked yourself “what the hell am I doing here?”

Yes, I´m doing it right now.


Been kicked out of a bar or club?

Yes, because sleeping in most clubs is not allowed.


Tried doubled flips?

Yes, until my eye turned black and blue. Than I quit and asked myself  “what the hell am I doing here?”