Jacob valdez is no longer a kid. He’s morphed into a young adult right before our eyes. From tattoo’s to male strip clubs, he’s beginning to see the world through the eyes of a weathered (and possibly bi-curious?) sailor. For this reason we ask, jacob, “Have you ever?”


Been naked in public:

I have gone skinny dipping a few times, but it was in my backyard in the lake, so not full public. I felt SOO free.


Brushes your teeth with someone else’s toothbrush:

Ooh no. That would be gross I rather use my finger. There was this one guy I didn’t like a few years bak so I took his toothbrush and did bad things with it.


Tried dip:

I have, and I threw up immediately. It was the first time I tried it an the last time as well.


Been on a date with two girls at once:

Yeah, but there was another dude there too. Haha. Then we ditched the girls cause they were strange, but then a homeless guy started hitting on them so we felt bad and saved them.



Beaten up your older brother Eddie:

One time I was close, but my dad stopped it. We don’t fight much, but this particular time he was talking mjor shit and punched me, so then I swept his legs out from under him and dad intervened.


Cried in a movie:

I cried during My Sisters Keeper. And King Kong actually. The love story was compelling. My lady friend still makes fun of me for it.


Been knocked out wakeboarding:

Yes. On a moby dick 5 I dug my back edge in deep. I was in St. Cloud, FL riding with John Jeffries. I was riding in a speedo too because I had lost a bet. Awkward timing I guess?


Been to the emergency room:

Yeah when I broke my collarbone snowboarding 4 years ago. I wasn’t even jumping, just carving down the mountain straight to the face, and shoulder.



Met an a-list celebrity:

Yes. I met Tom Hanks at the LA boat show. Just said hey and shook his hand, then he was gone with the wind. I’ve also been to Ryan Sheckler’s house. He wasn’t there though, so that was weird.


Jumped off or out of something you shouldn’t have:

No, but I would love to skydive soon. Also this morning I did a shot of syrup to start the day. Does that have anything to do with anything?


Wondered “what the hell am I doing here?”:

Yes all the time. Like for instance my mom took me to a gay strip club in Orlando for lunch last year. It Was called mister sisters. She said it was good for me to experience as much as I can in life.