Jeff Langley, have you ever:

Ran from the law? Yep! Freshman year in college after we saran wrapped a friends car in a parking deck. The cops saw us but were too far away to recognize us. I hauled ass up the stairs to the top deck. When I heard the cop car laying drag around the corner I whipped out a camera and started taking pictures of the view. He questioned us from his car and we said we were just taking photos for a school project. Haha. He laid a little more drag and left us in his dust.

Been woken up by a stranger? Not really, but I almost missed my flight because I fell asleep at the gate once. Luckily security came and woke me up.

Walked in on someone doing the nasty? No but I ALWAYS get a hotel room where I can hear people doing the nasty.

Crowd surfed?  The closest thing I can come up with for crowd surfing was from playing basketball in middle school, I was being an annoying little 6th grader that was smaller and faster than all the 8th graders. I was a prankster. Well that eventually caught up to me, they picked me up and crowed surfed me right into a garbage can, in my underwear, and locked me outside the field house. (Basketball is a winter sport)

Been to a rave? I don’t rave. I prefer to wind down at The Ruck’s house for a casual beer and a Bar-B-Q with a little bit of back yard disc golfing.

Jumped off a bridge or out of an airplane? I gainered a 65 foot bridge in Acworth, GA. Documented! The next day a guy fudged up and kinda belly flopped it, lost three teeth and separated his ribs. I haven’t flipped off something that high since.

Woke up in a strange place? I can’t answer this question without really embarrassing myself. Can we just leave it at that?

Driven an expensive sports car? Back in March I went to Jakarta, Indonesia for some O’Brien demos. The owner of Epic Cable Park had a yellow Lamborghini he let me drive. Way too fast, if I owned one of those I would be dead or in jail.

Been knocked out? I was wakeboarding in Jacksonville, FL a couple years ago and got smoked on a roll to blind, it was the worst fall I’ve ever had. I was throwing up in the boat and to this day my neck pops and grinds way too much. K! O!

Been paid to be a model or actor? I had to model for a couple yacht companies, the money was awesome but it was so boring. I sat at the front of about thirty different boats with the most fake smile from sun up to sun down.

Hung out with an A list celebrity? Yeah, a lot actually! I work with Shaun Murray at The Boarding School.  But for real I’m not cool enough to be hanging out with any on the A-list. I’ve been thinking about tweeting at Dwight Howard so we could re-unite. We balled in the same parts of Georgia back in high school. Do you think I could raley over him?

Surfed  a reef break? Ohhh yeah! Went to Bali right after Jakarta and surfed at Uluwatu for a few days. I wish I wasn’t horrible at surfing, I felt like I was wasting perfect waves.

Broken a bone? I have only broken one bone my entire life. I was playing soccer in high school and somehow broke my tail bone. I couldn’t walk. Once I could go back to school I had to walk around with a donut to sit on. Nobody believed that I broke my tailbone, they thought I had hemroids.


We thought for sure that Langley would have gotten KO’ed once or twice while earning this move, but apparently it’s the roll to blind he has more trouble with… f@$k roll to blinds.