As long as I’ve known Jeff Mckee and Garrett Cortese, I’ve known those guys to have a box of brand new issues on Alliance Wakeboard Magazine just sitting on their front porch. Apparently they get two boxes each time a new magazine comes out.  They usually bring one in and open it, check em out, share with friends, etc. while the other sits on the front porch the remainder of the month or if the box is lucky, it makes it out to a wakeboard event.  Sometimes this box on the front porch is offered to me, here is a typical phone conversation I might have with Garrett or Jeff.

Bear:  “Hey Jeff/Garrett did you guys get copies of the new mag yet?”
Jeff/Garrett:  Yeah dude it’s sick, I’m not home right now but if you wanna swing by the house there is a box on the front porch, take as many as you want! (A snapdragon would be thrown in there somewhere if it was Garrett)”

In celebration of the release of Alliance 10.5 I decided to take the whole box and in a sense become Alliance’s new “promo girl.” I hit the streets on Saturday on my somewhat normal routine and decided I would hand out all 50 issues in the box to friends or complete strangers who would pose with the magazine. Most of the people wouldn’t quite fit the target audience for the magazine but hey, its time we started reaching out to more diverse audience right?  Even those who weren’t super interested in Wake seemed to have a cousin, nephew, or friend that they were going to give the magazine too.  Between garage sales, a stop for gas, lunch at Firehouse Subs, stopping by three friends house, a boat ramp, and a quick walk around the neighborhood I was able to get Reed Hansen’s 2nd cover into the hand of 50 potential subscribers.