Kyle Walton and crew are up to their usual antics. Kyle, Josh Jansson and Brandon Rau are currently holed up in Bellingham, WA, putting the finishing touches on their new video "Beans and Rice." When it's done they will embark on another epic winching mission through out the US. 

I spoke with Kyle about their plans (or lack there of.) Tentatively the crew will head South to So Cal in May, spending a month winching around California, then a few weeks in Oregon and finally returning to Bellingham, where it will hopefully be warm enough to hit all the spots they've been scoping out all winter. Of course, this is all pending on how much cash they can scrounge up to buy a vehicle. After last year's van made it from California to Washington in third gear, they could probably make the trip happen on a moped if they have to though.

With this summer's trip and all the footage they collected last season, the crew is planning on making the biggest and best winching video yet, so if you want to help make it happen, send them a dollar or two. Like those homeless dudes on the freeway off ramp, every thing helps!