Hyperlite has some cool new additions to their lineup for 2015. Here are five things that caught our eye at their Surf Expo booth

1) The Kruz

Rusty’s new pro model bears the name of his second son: Kruz. The Marek is still around (both child and board), but the Kruz is Rusty’s new whip for 2015. We’re just glad it’s not called the Bonecrusher


2) The AJ Boot and System binding

Jimmy LaRiche’s signature AJ boot is looking good for 2015, especially with the System Pro binding


3 & 4) Shaun Murray, his pro model, and the new Baseline

Shaun Murray is a legend in his own right who has had pro model boards for 20+ years, but he’s really excited about a new shape he worked on for 2015, and it’s not necessarily for advanced riders. The Baseline is built with progression in mind – a board brand new riders can get up on and grow with, all the way from simple wake jumps to first spins, inverts, and beyond.


Shaun with the new Baseline (left) and his 2015 pro model setup

5) The Union

The Union is back and we’re especially digging this year’s graphic


6) Wakesurfers

Hyperlite has some new wakesurfers for 2015 and they all look like fun if you’re into riding that endless wave