“It’s the 1 year anniversary of Ice Cream 1.5’s original release at Plastic Playground, so, remixed and remastered, with 14% more radical stunts, 79% more gnar and 9234% awesome, this is Ice Cream 1.5, no story, just shred!

Watch Matty Muncey, Liam Peacock, Joe Battleday, Nick Davies and Mikey Bland tear apart the Liquid Leisure park in this remix of the film’s first segment.

Even if you’ve seen the film there’s, all-new, previously unseen footage snaking its way into this remix!

Get the full film at icecreamfilm.co for the price of a beer (or one and a half, depending on how much beer costs where you live 😉 ).

And a quick bit of history for anyone who cares – this isn’t so different from the first draft of the full film – originally it was supposed to be just a 2 minute film of the boys taking some morning laps at Liquid. This is also the music originally used on that first version. But then things started rolling, we went to CWC, we went to Thailand, and things kept rolling like a freight train with the brakes off, being driven by a goat with no concept of personal safety…”

Pilchard Productions
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