Alliance: For our readers who don’t live in California, what does Nor-Cal mean?
Nor Cal MasterCraft (Rich Silva)
: Nor-Cal means beautiful, green, lush hills, un-crowded beaches and mountain lakes.

A: Why do people from Northern California say “hella”?
For the same reason our Bros from the north say “eh?” and our Bros from the south say “y’all.”

A: Are things hella good in Nor-Cal?
With mountains to ride, waves to surf, and the infamous Delta less than 40 minutes from both shops, things are definitely “hella good.”

A: Do you guys shorten every word you can? So instead of saying ‘Hyperlite’, you say ‘Hype’.  Or instead of saying ‘Slingshot’, you say ‘Sling’?
Yes, I think the laid back atmosphere of Humboldt County has helped to shorten many words.

A: Ok, time to get serious. When did Nor-Cal MasterCraft first open its doors and why did they choose Pleasanton as the location?
We opened our doors in January 2007 when the previous dealership went out of business. The location has always been regarded as a prime spot; the corner of two of the busiest freeways in the Bay Area.

A: We see you have two stores. When did the second store open?
This is our second season in Rancho Cordova and our fourth in Pleasanton.

A: What are the benefits to having two locations and what are some of the struggles?
It’s a huge benefit to have a second shop to pull parts and equipment from when customers are in a pinch.  Keeping accurate inventory levels in the heat of the season can be a struggle.

A: When did your pro shop (Wake Roots) become an essential part of Nor-Cal MasterCraft?
For the last three seasons, Wake Roots ride shop has been a progressive, fully stocked pro shop with a knowledgeable staff dedicated to helping beginner riders on up to our team riders, like Grant Roberts and Derek Cook, live the wake lifestyle. We also sponsor local events and clubs like INT, BAWSC, and SCWSC.

A: What brands can people expect to see in the Wake Roots shops?
MasterCraft, CWB, Ronix, Hyperlite, Byerly, LF, Slingshot, Grindwater, Inland Surfer, O’Neill, Jet Pilot, Metal Mulisha, WSR, Fox, DVS, DC, Nike 6.0, Billabong, Oakley, VZ, Spy and more.

A: What is your best selling product?
Let’s just say next year we are trying to get Babe’s Boat Bright in 55-gallon drums.

A: What is your worst selling product? Something you wish you never ordered or something that has sat on the shelf forever? Don’t hold back tell us the truth.
The Tower Extension from Fly High and 2007 Purple Catalyst Vest from Hyperlite.

A: Rich, you have some history with Hyperlite. Tell us a little bit about that.
I started out like a lot of Hyperlite reps; working with Joe Sassenrath (back when Hyperlite made snowboards). In my first summer with the company, the Belmont (Shaun Murray’s new pro model) launched and it was really cool to see the success of one of the best selling boards of all time. It was also very nice to get a brand new MasterCraft X-Star to use each season. I learned a lot from and have a ton of respect for Herb & Paul O’Brien and many others who offered me a great experience.

A: What did you like and dislike about the job?
I liked getting to know a lot of really good people and having a brand new X-Star to use each season. I didn’t like driving 38,000 miles in eight months while towing a brand new X-Star.

A: What advice would you give to anyone who wants to be involved in the wakeboarding industry?
Get to know your local factory reps and ride shops. Offer to help out at sales and events.

Nor Cal MasterCraft
5385 Owens Court
Pleasanton, CA 94588
(925) 460-9216

11337 Pyrites Way
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
(916) 851-5808