Innuendo / Calling out the Classics
by Wakezeach


"What has eight arms and rad taste in wake videos?"     art by Wes Jacobsen

“What has eight arms and rad taste in wake videos?”    art by Wes Jacobsen

I know what you’re thinking. You looked at the title and you’re immediately going, “No way, they’re gonna drop some hate bombs on the classic stuff.” I’m glad to say that’s not how this is going down. This time around we decided to change it up from the regular calling out of the wackness in wake. With a general lack of quality videos over the past five years (there have been some good ones, no doubt, but not as many as there used to be) we wanted to take it back to the basics and give you wake fanatics a look into the past of the culture and music that made wakeboarding what it is.

Picking a song for a video section should be just as important as the tricks in it. A good song can make or break the part. Sure you can have all these bangers behind the boat and showstoppers at the cable, but if you don’t have a good song and a good editor, chances are the section won’t stand out. It was people like Ronn Seidenglanz, Mark Bame, Chase Heavener, Justin Stephens and Sean Kilgus who really started to perfect this “art”.

The good news for all you internet fiends? There is a new wave of riders/filmers that actually give a you-know-what. This is great for the entire industry because as long as there are quality videos for people to view and get stoked to ride, there will always be new people getting involved in wakeboarding. These people know it takes a lot of time, work, and patience to make a video that people are going to be stoked on. They understand three trips to the local cable park probably isn’t gonna do the trick (even if you have 47 tricks on film).

Every rider has a video part in their mind that stands out from the rest. Luckily for all you bros looking for a little knowledge in this department, Wakezeach has come to save the day. You should recognize most of these sections, but if you don’t… well, you better get your shit together and study up!


Brother Where Are You – Oscar Brown Jr. // Shaun Murray – Retrospect

Ride Wit Us – Kurupt // Collin Wright – 12 Honkeys

No Cigar – Millencollin // Staker + Heavener – 12 Honkeys

Super Nova Goes Pop – Powerman 5000 // Parks – 12 Honkeys

Follow the Leader – Rakim // Byerly + Gator – Switch 22

Super Bowl Sundae – Ozomatli // Parks + Brannan Johnson – Switch 22

Nightfall – Tash // Billy McKee – Natural Born Thrillaz

Bulls on Parade – Rage Against the Machine // Randall – Natural Born Thrillaz

Let’s Grow – Royce Da 5’9” // Shane Bonifay – Incomplete

Shallow Days – Blackalicious // Danny Harf – All or Nothing

Down on the World Again – Social Distortion // Parks – All or Nothing

Fuel Injected – Swollen Members // Parks Bonifay – Free 4 All

Old Man – Neil Young // Shawn Watson – Relentless

Gimmie Shelter – Grand Funk Railroad // Colin Harrington – Relentless

Southern Fried Intro – Ludacris // Shane Bonifay – Relentless

Penelope – Pinback // The Butter Effect – Mexico

Supa Freak Love – Primer 55 // Darin Shapiro – 12 Honkies

Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd // Scott Byerly – All or Nothing

Playaz Club –  Rappin’ 4-Tay // Gregg Necrasson & Shawn Watson – Natural Born Thrillaz

3030 – Deltron 3030 // Brian Grubb – Welcome

Electric Feel – MGMT // Ben Greenwood – Drive