Tall dude, skinny stance, big board.  What’s not to love about Wesley? photo: Rutledge

If you haven’t seen any of The Coalition videos then do yourself a favor and go watch them(I, II, III.)  The crew at Valdosta Wake Compound has been putting out videos from one of the most Unique cable parks in the United States.  The park has a in ground pool gap under the full size, a System 2 with pool gaps on either end and another System 2 with a quad level pool gap underneath it.  We recently caught up with the man behind the lens, Wesley Jacobsen, and asked him a couple questions about this popular series that made a big statement at Surf Expo this year when The Coalition III dropped.

What is The Coalition?
A group of like minded individuals working together trying to achieve the same goal, which in our case is just riding and pushing the sport.  I just want to try and push the standard definition of what a wakeboard rail can be.

Where did the name come from?
Brainstorming on the porch with all the homies and the definition of the word just fit.

What riders have been featured in the latest videos?
Myself, Oli Breumlund, Blake Bishop, Quinn Silvernale, Terry Bailey, Wes Hubber, Crosse Bearden, Cody Oxford, Nick Gaddy, Nick Mertez, Pierce Bishop, Justin Lee, Cole Vanthof, Jeff Mathis, Taylor Hanley and Ben Horan.  We try to include everyone that comes to the park that kills it and is down to film and help build.

What are the plans for Coalition IV?
We want to try and get more creative with the full size but the majority of it will be on the system 2.  With all the pools and rails we have at the compound we haven’t even scratched the surface of what is possible.  It’s been sick with the response we have gotten on our past videos but there is still so much more that we want to do.

Maybe a hint of what’s to come in The Coalition IV?

Could we see a full length in the future?
It would be sick to film a full length so we could really push the setups and build more plaza setups in and out of all the pools.  We really need some sponsors to help so we can build bigger snowboard and skateboard style plazas that don’t just look good but ride good too.

Whats your favorite rail setup so far?
The bumpers for sure.  I saw a photo of that rail two years ago of a snowboarder hitting it so I was hyped to be able to build it here and session it with the homies.

Scariest moment so far while filming?
Boardsliding the bumpers probably.  I haven’t gotten smoked yet so lets hope I didn’t just gynx myself(laughs.)

Missed the Coalition 3? Check it out here: