Simply put, 14.3 gets the wake season started off right and it all begins with the cover. While we always love a cover featuring something original and progressive, it’s not often that we break the mold to this degree. Davis Griffin helped us do so by asking himself the following question, “Why jump down a spillway when you can slide it layback style?” Thanks to Bryan Soderlind for capturing the progression.



First off, in 14.3 you’ll get some behind the scenes insight into the making of one of the first all-cable vids. Through our conversation with wakeskater/filmmaker Andy Kolb, get an idea of what can be expected from his cable film that was shot exclusively with Red Epic cameras. The action and cinematography are so next level that we anticipate it encouraging many of our readers who don’t typically ride cable to go take some laps.



In “The Philippines, Wakeskating, and a Typhoon” feature, Silas Thurman walks us through the epic journey that the Remote team (and some friends) had on their recent journey abroad. They were able to get loads of great content throughout their trip but also had quite a scare when Mother Nature unleashed Typhoon Yolanda on the Philippines. The Remote crew was lucky to be far enough inland that they were safe, but sadly many were not as fortunate. As Silas notes, “It was one of the most unique, gratifying, and humbling [trips] all at once.”



As we all know, wakesurfing is continuing to grow exponentially every year. People of all ages and abilities can enjoy and appreciate the feeling of catching the endless wave for their first time. Even better, the consequences when learning tend to be significantly less as compared to wakeboarding. Josh Sleigh, our Wakesurfing Editor at Alliance, provides some background info on his story and describes how Alliance will cater to the growing wakesurf community.



We round out 14.3 with a hilarious contest that we created a couple months back. While we’ve always done switch contests, we decided to narrow the focus with S.T.A.T! The hardest/funniest falls that we would always see during switch contests occurred when we required that riders complete simple (or so they should be) switch toeside tricks. Only a couple riders made it through the entire S.T.A.T! Certification process and several were seriously wounded along the way (see Daniel Powers above). Pretty crazy that regardless of how far along a rider is in his/her career, it’s always possible to take a few steps back, catch some very hard edges, and improve on the basics.