This past week there was 7 lucky Spy Optics “boot campers” who got to spend a week in sunny California wakeboarding, surfing, dirt biking and even hitting up the X Games for some great times. But how was this group selected? I guess the idea goes something like this… sell more sunglasses = better chances at winning… well that is what I got from it at least.
Lucky for us we got to catch up with them for their wake day. We headed down to the Carlsbad Lagoon and met up with the group of super stoked boot campers. To accompany them was Spy Optic’s team riders Melissa Marquardt and Jimmy LaRiche, as well as Spy wake team manager Aaron Grace. On board the boats, this group got great instruction from both Melissa and Jimmy and was also able to see them ride. One guy even had enough trust in Jimmy to ride doubles with him. I guess when Jimmy goes as big as he does you really can’t be all that worried. I am sure with this group, fun times will continue on throughout their week during Spy Boot Camp 2008.