It's Mating season… I knew there was a reason Matt Staker was back in town.

Actually what I am really speaking about is alligators. Springtime is mating season for the wild Florida monsters and wakeboarders in all parts of the state just so happen to be playing games in their bedroom (the lakes). Don't be alarmed, only the largest males are actively searching for something to rub their junk against and supposedly their fear of humans is larger than our fears of them. However, if you find yourself floating in the water for extended periods of time while your boat driver finishes sending an email from his i-phone here are a few tips to send the beast swimming in the opposite direction.

•    Burp really loud…Burps are definitely not sexy.

•    Make fart bubbles…also incredibly unattractive and usually spoils the intimacy.

•    Talk about things like dirty dishes and the Rosie O'donnell show…Also a huge turn off.

•    Consider finding a new boat driver.

See below for a more accurate report and be safe out there in the Sunshine State! Excerpt courtesy of

If you've been seeing more alligators recently, that's because it's mating season and some of Florida's biggest gators are up and moving (Steve Stiegler, Assistant Leader, Alligator Management Program, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission)….

"Mature males are going to be actively moving around during this time of year so you're more likely to see large alligators."

Steve Stiegler is with the State's alligator management program…

"Obviously, you're more likely to see them in the lakes and rivers and habitats where they occur. But males will also move over land during this time of year, from one water body to another."

The sudden activity follows several months of almost bear-like winter hibernation…

"They go more dormant during the winter when the water chills down."

And while spotting one of the large male alligators may get your attention, they're not the only ones active during this time of year…

"Smaller alligators and female alligators are active this time of year. After the winter, they're trying to fill their stomachs and put a layer of fat on."