Redmond, WA – JD Webb is the upcoming face of wakeboarding and has proven so by
consistently finishing top ten in all contests that he enters.  Webb, only 19 years old, has
already forged his identity in the wakeboarding industry and successfully paved the way
for his promising future.  In addition, he is about to make his National television debut on
the Discovery Channel’s new show called “Stunt Junkies.”
Webb is going to attempt a 70 foot ramp-to-ramp gap over the fountain at Lake Eola.  
The fountain has become an icon of the city and is deemed irreplaceable.  This is the 50th
anniversary of the fountain and JD will be honored with a key to the city from Mayor
Buddy Dyer.  Furthermore, September 30th is going to be declared JD Webb day in the
city of Orlando.   
The stunt is set for 10 a.m on September 30th at Lake Eola.   
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