If you haven’t heard yet, Instagram is the new hotness, and twitter aint got s**t on it. It’s non stop quality. All meat no fat; AND no ads from JD about losing weight because his account got hacked yet again (don’t worry JD, we’ll give you shot at redemption soon). It’s a tight knit community free of all the filler. Several of the pro’s are doing it which is why we decided to showcase some of their best shots and give you the behind the scenes scoop on each. Then you get a chance to vote for your favorite. The picture with the most votes will move on and compete against other riders pics in a photo battle format all decided on by you: 


In the Spotlight for week #1: Jim_shot_it aka Jimmy Lariche.


Photo-1: Nicola vs. Adam

We were at dive bar just a couple nights ago and Adam was teaching everyone how to arm wrestle. He had just got his haircut and must have been feeling super tough, which is why he decided to challenge a girl to an arm wrestling contest. You wouldn’t believe it, but he actually won.



Photo-2: Carl Dives

I’ve been taking Carl over to Joey Meddock’s place quite a bit lately because our dogs are dating. Carl and “Bodie” (Carl’s Girlfriend) were swimming around and having a blast, then Carl started showing off. It was a proud moment for me as a father, so I captured the moment to show the world.



 Photo-3: Murray and the Bro’s

Myself and the Hyperlite team all went to the Seafair event in Seattle this summer and noticed this seriously sweet ride along the way. Murray couldn’t help himself and just had to go make friends / find out more about the car. It was a priceless visual much like the scene of him from 12 Honkeys, so I busted out the old cellular and snapped it…



Photo-4: Smile in Beer

This was at Worlds way back when I was a junior (sorry mom). It was a highly illegal situation since I was still the proper age to ride in juniors, but the smile was almost like a sign of a good things to come. Instagram didn’t actually exist yet so I had to import this photo from my library. It’s not quite as impressive as finding god on a grilled cheese sandwich, but definitely worthy of sharing. Shawn Perry has been trying to take credit for this photo (he was sitting right next to me), but regardless of who took it, the smile was surely directed at me.



Photo-5: Plane Pic

Everyone’s got one and this is mine…It’s a hell of a lot better than just the tip of the wing out the window right? I’m convinced it could be an ad for United Airlines. It has all the right ingredients: the happy employee hard at work, the bags loading in a timely fashion, AND the plane in the air at the top left. It might as well be a painting. FLAWLESS. Just remember who shot it: Jim_shot_it.



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