What do you call Josh McWilliams or what should you call him? Call him McWilly or J Man or J Bird or Josh or Mr. McWilliams if you're under the age of fifteen. Have you ever heard that Ice Cube song "Wicked"? If not, then you should take a real good listen and then listen to it again, 'cause this will summarize J Man better than anybody ever could. This is not a joke – listen to this song – now damnit! "Don't say nothing, just listen – got me a platinum Mike Tyson out of prison, come my way and get served – still got a deuce that will run you off the curb, nappy head, nappy chest, nappy chin never seen with a happy grin. Show a fat frown, cause I'm down – take a look around. All you see is big black boots – steppin', use my steel toe as a weapon … kick it, 'cause I get wicked (wicked man)" Or you can take a listen to that Jewel song "Who Will Save Your Soul" to get a better understanding of McWilly. I feel if Josh lays his camera lens on you and edits the footage he shot of you that you will have one to two extra years of life added to your life plan. Josh lives in Orlando, Florida, but what you gather from hanging with him is that he has lived in other states or maybe one other state outside of Florida. What really matters is that he lives here in Orlando now, so if you see a dude filming a waker, then it's probably Josh McWilliams. If you want his autograph, which will happen, there's no need for a pen, cause J Bird will tag you with an open right-handed palm strike across your chops that you will always remember.