A stalefish is all about the poke (photos: Soden)


Do: Have nice progressive edge going into the wake and keep the handle in to your front hip.

Don’t: Take a long, hard edge because it will throw the trick completely off.

Take off

Do: Pop off the peak of the wake like a normal backroll, and start to bring your legs up right after you get the pop.

Don’t: Start the backroll too hard, or you will over rotate and land on your back.

Get the grab

Do: Go for the grab as soon as possible by bending your legs; and once you get it, poke your back leg to make it look good!

Don’t: Reach for the grab by bending over, make sure to bring the board up to you.


Do: Spot your landing and roll your front hand clockwise into your back while looking over your shoulder to get into the blind landing.

Don’t: Try to handle-pass it! It will rotate you too much and you will slip out on your landing. Plus, no handle pass looks way better!

Boat – Malibu M235

Ballast – 700 lbs. in each back locker on top of the plug and play, 500 lbs. of lead in the middle and an 800 lb. sac in the bow

Speed – 22.6 mph

Tunes – Anything and everything! I like pretty much every kind of music.

Lake – Lake Minnehaha in Clermont, FL

Crew – Harley Clifford, Ryan Dunn, Alex Barbara, & Josh Swift