You can’t let the kids have all the fun. Jeff Langley has always been a big fan of the double up and continues to send them to this day. If that isn’t a solid example of “practice what you preach” then we don’t know what is. Keep sending them Langley. We’ll be right here to capture it. (photo: Mathis)

Most lakes in the Orlando area have seen their fair share of wake progression over the years but Clear Lake might just be on the top of that list. Plenty of legendary crews have lived out there and still do. One spot in particular has become a breeding ground for progression: Jeff Langley’s house. AKA “Pop’s Place”, Langley is all about having the young guns come in and rip Clear Lake a new one. Could it be the next “Hotel Henny”? Sure does seem that way.

Winching might seem like a lot of work, but to be able to glide across water that no one else in the world ever has is usually a pretty nice motivator. That’s exactly what Victor Salmon thought when he saw the New World Mall in Thailand. An abandoned building filled with water? All the trespassing laws in the world couldn’t keep Victor away. 

Have you ever been on the boat with a crew wakesurfing and just thought, “how can I try to hurt myself a little bit more?” Well, never fear, because we’ve come up with a way! Just strap that wakeboard on and rail into that surf wave and see what happens! Sounds like a good idea right? That might be debatable but we really don’t care. Was it a good time? Yes. Will we do it again? Who knows! Only time will tell.