It’s all about the grab

Words: Bec Gange // Photos: Mathis

  • Boat: Axis A24
  • Ballast: 1220 lbs., Plug ‘n Play and Power Wedge 2
  • Speed: 22.6 mph
  • Lake: Clear Lake, FL
  • Crew: Tony Carroll, Clayton Holladay
  • Tunes: Rufus Du Sol


 Do: Have a strong edge from the start of your cut and consistently hold that all the way to the top of the wake.

 Don’t: Back off your edge too early when going for the “trip”. If you do, this will cause you to lose all your pop and you’ll underotate the flip.

Take Off

 Do: Square your body and shoulders up parallel to the boat aggressively so you take your flip straight up instead of out.

Don’t: Initiate the flip too early. It’s all about timing so be patient and go to the top and let the wake “trip” you to initiate the flip.  

Getting The Grab

Do: Look for your board right off the wake and bring your knees into your chest to get the grab. Use your legs to push off the top of the wake to initiate the flip.

Don’t: Look back with your head to initiate the flip. This will make you chase the grab through the whole trick.


Do: Spot your landing and initiate the backside 180 on the way down. Stick the handle to the small of your back and land with your weight over your toes.

Don’t: Look towards the boat when landing. Keep your eyes up and looking where you’re riding.