Ladies and gentleman boys and girls, Step right up and grab a hold of the June issue…The content of this issue is so incredible that regular paper just couldn’t do it justice. Instead Alliance decided to shred over 100,000 ten dollar bills only to recycle them into the very pages that make up issue 8.5…Estimated value per June 2008 issue: $2,764.42


Why is this issue so hot? Because on page 48 you can find a best and worst interview with none other than “the Noise from the North,” aka “Dan-O the Manno,” aka Daniel Amir. Ever wonder what’s the best way to kill the crowds buzz? How about the worst part of living in “the hood?” The noise tells all in this one on one exclusive interview.


On page 63 take a trip along the coast of California as wakeboarders, surfers, wakeskaters and slalom skiers all unite to ride the tide behind what some may call “gods greatest creation,” the winch. O.K. there weren’t really any slalom skiers there but how funny would it be to watch a skier try and stand up on the water being towed by a winch.


Check out “viewpoint” on page 74 to find out how it feels to land a ten eighty, or how it feels to ride Teahupoo on a wakeboard, or how it feels to win the x-games four times, or how it feels to have your own video game, or how it feels to be stung by a wasp right on the skin that connects your nose to your upper lip.


Rob Jacques fills us in on his move out of the projects, his new role at Murray’s  “Boarding School,” and what it’s like having Scott Byerly as your boss in his very own 20 questions interview found on page 94 +.


If you want to know all there is to know about the Parks Bonifay documentary Alliance is in the process of creating then you are also in luck because the skinny is printed on page 100.


All this and much more in the new issue…Just be careful reading it in bed if you have to pee because you may end up “wetting the Bedding” in the last few pages. Hahahahahahaha.