After making it through tornado warnings, cold weather and superman style wind, day 3 at KC Watersports was well earned. It’s almost a waste of words that I even mention less then ideal conditions for an event as fun as this. Nothing, I mean nothing, was going to stop Shane, Collin and Mike Ennen from having fun with the participants and nothing was going to stop the people that came out to ride.

Very few events if any have a vibe such the KC Watersports Liquid Force Relentless weekend. The basis for the event is simple, three teams, three team captains and three pros all ride together for the sole progression of their abilities and progression of the sports. Each team member would pick a trick they’ve never attempted or couldn’t pull. The team pro would break the trick down step by step in order to help the person accomplish their goal even if it meant riding doubles. The trial and error period goes on for a few hours until the main event, which consists of each team riding around the cable. Collin, Shane and Mike all judge each written down trick corresponding with the rider offering up a 1 to 5 score. The team that wins has the highest combined score.

Even though the teams and riders competed, the contest portion of the weekend is just a blip on the radar from what weekend is really about. Which is to have as much fun as possible all with the support of some the best riders in our sport. It’s basically a big social taking a ton of pressure off of everyone.

I want to sincerely thank Mike Olsen, his family, the staff at KC Watersports, Shane, Collin, Mike Ennen, Don Wallace and the Compound for hosting something we look forward to every year. Our Alliance flat bar couldn’t have a better home. If you haven’t been to KC Watersports yet, go. It will be one of the best wakeboard and wakeskating experiences you’ll ever have.

On a personal note, thanks to Shane, Collin and Mike for pushing me, apparently I can still learn new things on a wakeboard…

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