Orlando has been a crazy home as of recently. There's absolutely no one in town other than Keith Lyman, Rob Jacques and myself. I don't think that is true, but all the other riders are hiding from us. It has been raining everyday and there are now fish in lake Virginia, neither of which are necessarily bad. I know you want me to keep going and get all the way down to the length of my dogs hair and how my new lawn is figting fungus and doing well, but that's just not what the story is about.


THis is about Surfing in Orlando which does happen and 9 times out of 10 it beats the waves at the beach. Last Wednesday Josh McWlliams and I had the pleasure of waking up at 4 in the morning and driving to the "beach" of Disney's Typhoon Lagoon to catch 100 waves. O.K. they were split between 8 of us but still there were a lot of waves to ride. Josh surfs tall and skinny and I surf with a stance wider than the bassist of a crappy punk band, but we still surf. Apparently the wave pool is rented out in the mornings and evenings 6 days a week all for the love of waves in Orlando. Surfing as the sun rises is pretty incredible especially when you finish by 9 AM and have the entire day left to "work" aka fall back asleep till noon.