If you read our interview with Keith Lyman last May, you know the kid had more than a few sponsor issues (i.e. he only had one). Fortunately for Keith (and all of us who like watching him ride) a lot of those issues have been ironed out. Nowadays Keith is actually at a point where he would be considered a professional wakeboarder – he’s making enough money to support himself in the real world. Although, most pro wakeboarders have a boat sponsor, and for some reason or another Keith still doesn’t have one of those. Crazy, huh? We think so.

Keith is taking steps to solidify his place in the real world, though, and one of those has been to buy his own house. Tired of being a renting tenant and ready to make a little real estate investment on his own, Keith decided to get a pad all to himself. He found a good one, too. Props to Keith, ‘cause the new crib is pretty sweet. It’s a three, but soon to be four, bedroom house with a lot of space and a sweet backyard. Even though he doesn’t have a boat, Keith knew he still had to live on the water. His new place is on Lake Irma, one of about 5,000 lakes to choose from in the greater Orlando area. It was such a nice little area that longtime friends Emily Copeland-Durham and husband Kevin, decided to move in right across the canal.

“It will be cool having Emily and Kevin right there. We can ride together and if I ever get a boat then we will have two, so once can be a chase boat. It’s a really cool location, too. The Projects is only 25 minutes away and Byerly’s house is right down the street on Lake Georgia.”

The only thing missing from the wakeboarder turned homeowner recipe is some furniture. Right now it’s just Keith, a couch, a TV, a bed, his little dog Emma, and his little brother who’s crashing for a while.

“The place is pretty empty right now ‘cause I don’t have any furniture in it yet, and I don’t have any roommates either,” said Keith. “So if you know anybody who’s looking for a place to live, let me know.”

Anybody want to live on a lake with Keith Lyman and ride whenever you want? Send applications to garrett@alliancewake.com and tell me why you’d make a good roommate for Keith. I’ll screen all the submissions and pass them on to the new man of the house. Here are few suggestions beforehand: Keith loves Xbox, but doesn’t have 360 yet; he likes wakeboarding – a lot; and he is also a big fan of the local Hooters establishment. Good luck and Happy Holidays.