Marine Products is all about getting people dialed in for good times on the water. Ken Block is no different. Does it surpirse you that his new rig from Supra is this badass? It shouldn’t. Ken knows what’s up and does things the right way. 

New Options From Supra

With a custom wrap and all the options anyone could ask for, Ken’s Supra SL 550 is about as rad as it can be. Supra has stepped it up for 2019 as well with a new dash screen, improved speaker boxes, and their new modified V bow. It also has 3,500 lbs of sub-floor ballast and the Swell 3.0 Surf System so Ken can get pitted with his friends and family all day long. It also has Supra’s new Chill Tech Vinyl to keep everyone cool, a new and improved dash system, and passenger audio controls so the captain doesn’t have to mess with the tunes. Pretty solid if you ask us.

One-of-a-kind Wrap

Wraps on boats aren’t anything new but Ken wanted to go the extra mile and get something really special. Have you ever seen a wrap that changes colors depending on the light? Yeah, we haven’t either. Wraps by Ryan came through and made this SL550 truly one-of-a-kind.

Custom Engine Cowling from Indmar

Not only is the 6.2L Roushcharged 575 Indmar Engine an absolute beast, Indmar stepped it up a notch with this American flag graphic cowling over the engine. ‘Merica!

RGB Liquid Lumens from Bow to Stern

What’s the point of the boat if you can’t see it right? Well, that’s where Liquid Lumens came in. With the brightest marine lighting in the game, Ken’s SL550 is covered head to toe in custom lighting options to keep the party going all night long.

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