OTT Productions officially launches their debut DVD, Not What Cha Think.

Wait! Just another board sport video you say? Wrong! Take everything you currently think about today’s videos and throw it out the window. Not What Cha Think (NWCT) isn't your grandma’s old fruitcake DVD. Think more CKY meets Fuel TV and sprinkle in a little South Park.

It's a crazy mix of locations and riders spanning from the East Coast-to the dust and dirty West Coast. With more than 120 minutes of footage, you'll be sure to see some pro, or some random you recognize. (that still owes you money)Asked why so much footage, "Cause I wanted to make something that was worth people’s hard earned money-and I had to compress 4 years of footage!" says film editor and owner of Oregon Trail Trash Productions (OTT) Zak Stone.

You can get your copy of Not What Cha Think today by visiting for only $19.99. Look for it as well at your local board shop.

If you'd like more information about this DVD, or to schedule an interview with Zak Stone, please call 503-302-9862 or email Zak at