Bob Sichel is flipping over some warm weather wakeboarding

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After one of the coldest winter/spring seasons on record in Florida (no joke, some of the low-low temperatures broke records for the Sunshine State), it seems summer is finally here. I’ve been able to get out of the confines of the computer world quite a bit over the last couple months to shoot with many of the riders as they got out of hibernation and ready for a season of summer shredding.

From sessions in Groveland with the Hansen brothers (for more on that, just wait till you get your new copy of the May issue of Alliance), to an evening with Lyman at the Projects, to a trip down to the Keys with some of the sport’s best young riders while they filmed for a brand new episode of Pull; it definitely seems like the season is underway and everybody is stoked because of it. Even Wake Games kicked off this past weekend with some gorgeous weather and insane riding.

Hold on to your handles tight kids, because if these early months of 2010 riding are any indication, it’s going to be a great year to be in the wakeboarding and wakeskating worlds. From new videos, to new contests and contest formats (can you say a Triple Crown for cable parks in North America?), to new episodes of Pull, to awesome trips and stories for the magazine; there is gonna be a lot going on that you aren’t going to want to miss. Stay tuned to for all of that and lots more.

Anthony Hollick is stoked for some 2010 shredding