After more than two years of shaping, development and serious trial and error (plus a whole lot of hype and rumors) the Liquid Force SST wakeskate is finally here.

The SST is Liquid Force's first dual-deck wakeskate and features a flat, wood deck on bottom and a concave, compression-molded deck on top. The SST was originally thought up by Silas Thurman, who had this to say about finally seeing the deck ready to go into production and be distrubuted:

"It's been a long time trying to get the SST working just right and finalized, but it was totally worth the wait. Originally the SST was going to have removable kick tails, so it would be a three-piece deck, but the tails just couldn't take the pressure of riding and kept snapping. We worked on that design for a long time before trying the full top deck. But now it's perfect. It seriously rides just the way I envisioned it when I came up with the idea a few years ago. I'm pumped Liquid Force was so supportive the whole way through 'cause I think any other company would have given up on it by now."

Silas gave one of the final prototypes to Aaron Reed and this is what he had to say about riding the SST. "It feels really good. It actually felt so good the first time I rode it that I actually started laughing. It just feels like a Bi-Level in the sense that it has more pop and snap to it. It's great for jumping the wake."

Word on the street is a couple other wakeskaters have given the SST a run through and were extremely impressed. So after years of waiting and chatroom rumors spinning, the SST is finally ready for the consumers to get on and shred with. One rumor was that SST stood for Sexy Silas Thurman, but that's not the case. It actually stands for Shaped by Silas Thurman.

"Silas is sexy, though," said Reed. "Oh, and that deck is great for slayshing, too. I can throw up a wall with it, I love it."