Welcome to Surf Expo 2014! We are officially underway here in Orlando and there is all sorts of awesome new gear to check out. So much so in fact that we don’t have the time or patience to show you all. But in the interest of showing some of the new product ASAP we are doing Alliance’s Top 5’s from Surf Expo. From each of the board MFGs we will show you five new products that stood out to us and we think are worth checking out for 2015. Stay tuned to alliancewake.com for all sorts of updates throughout the weekend. Here we present you with our neighbors at the show, Liquid Force.


Welcome to Liquid Force

1) The Remedy

The Remedy is Harley Clifford’s new shape for 2015. Take the Harley classic shape, streamline it a bit, and soften the spine in the center to speed it up and you’ve got the Remedy. This board is built for a little more speed and attitude than previous versions of the Harley. Chances are you’ll see Harley do all sorts of crazy maneuvers you can only dream about throughout 2015.


2) The Peak

Nico von Lerchenfeld’s pro model is back and better than ever for 2015. We especially like the fact that Nico does his own graphics. With a bit of the wood core showing through and the minimalist sketch, this graphic stood out as really unique in the LF lineup.


3) The Melissa boot

Melissa has always had good taste when it comes to her board graphics and bindings, but we especially like what she did for her boots in 2015. The denim-like material is a great look and you know they’re always some of the most comfortable bindings on the market.


4) The Shane LTD binding

Shane’s bindings are always on point, but these mean-green-foot-strapping-machines are extra fresh. So fresh that Shane can’t help but photograph them himself for Instagram… @withshanebonifay in case you were wondering…


5) The new hat line

Liquid Force has stepped up their clothing line each of the past few years. This year the hats look awesome with various styles and colorways for all types of headwear fans. Give your dome a new look next year and grab an LF hat (or two, or three, or four…)


6) The Tao Hybrid

Okay, we lied. We couldn’t fit our favorites from Liquid Force into five things, so we’re doing six. This is Daniel Grant’s new pro model wakeboard. The Tao has the same name as his wakeskate from last year, but this is obviously for being strapped in and charging like only Daniel can. Our only gripe is that it doesn’t come with bags of candy…