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Slide Show…April 29th…an event to remember
It’ll be history in the making this Friday, April 29th, at the Carlsbad Lagoon.  The legendary site has teamed up with Wakesports Unlimited to officially kick-off the Liquid Force Slide Show.  Necrason, Harrington, Lyman, Watson, Grace, Cantor, Wallace, Mendes, Stephens and more are getting their hands dirty transforming the beautiful Carlsbad Lagoon into a Slide Show-ready machine.  When things kick-off, pro riders Shane, Watson, Aaron Reed, Collin, Tino, Lyman, Benny G, Gregg, Melissa and Amber will get technical on the rail and then later will go extra large in the double up demo.   There will be a mini competition, as all pros will be competing for the “crowd favorite” award.  Meanwhile a selected few amateur riders will have the opportunity to compete for a “secret prize” as well as a chance to move on to the Slide Show finals.
Events start at 12:00 and are free of charge!  Monster Energy, Malibu Boats, Reef, Spy and all other sponsors will be throwing free stuff out, so don’t miss out. Bring your friends and family members and get ready for an action packed day of fun!  Rumor also has it that the legendary Rick Thorne (Tony Hawk Tour Announcer, Pro BMX rider), and Wee-Man (Jackass star and pro skater) will be in attendance to check out the action. Go to and   for more info.  If you’re not too techy and would rather talk to a live body, go ahead and call Josh and the “Lagoon crew” at 760 434 3089, or Tyler and the Wakesports crew at (858) 277-5757… they’ll hook you up with all of the info you’ll need.  Don’t forget LF towels, beach chairs, camera, sunscreen and a pen for autographs.  
LF Films…Blah, Blah, Blog
Ever wonder what Mr. Justin Stephens and the LF Films crew are up to? To help you enquiring minds keep in tune with what’s going on, Justin started a blog on . There’s a lot involved in the whole process of making the best wake videos around and it’s pretty interesting to keep up with the filming super hero and his quest to bring Hollywood to wakeboarding. Now all of the world can be in on the adventures of LF Films and the LF team.  You’ll find links to the teaser for the up and coming team video “The Truth” as well as an LF Films Pod cast where you can subscribe and download super cool videos to your I-Tunes.  Justin has been busy filming for the upcoming release, so be sure to check in and see what’s happening.   
LF’s new Malibu Boats are ready to rock!
Amongst the lush green farm fields of Merced CA sits the beautiful Malibu factory.   After a quick tour and history lesson you’ll find the location has roots starting from the beginning of boat building as well as employees that have been with the company since it started.  This is similar to Liquid Force in San Diego, where the sport was birthed, and the employees have been there from the start.  As we toured the factory we found it amazing.  The attention to detail throughout the entire boat building process is what makes a Malibu owner (Liquid Force) comfortable, confident, and most of all proud.  We’ve already rocked the 21’ V Ride on the Carlsbad Lagoon and love it.  The 23’ VLX will be on display and used at every Slide Show event so be sure to check them out.  Once you jump in them, you’ll immediately appreciate the quality craftsmanship of a Malibu. To get more info and build your own, go to .
Shaun White and Liquid Force in the same sentence
The whole world knows about Carlsbad local, Shaun White, and his total domination in action sports and the Olympic Gold.  Wakeboarding front man and longtime friend of LF, Jeff Barton, caught up with him at the Dew Action sports tour.  Check out and note the LF shirt J.B.’s rocking.  LF represent…
Shane Bonifay shreds the Chain Reaction
Shane rocked the house at the Chain Reaction contest recently held at the Cypress Gardens of Winter Haven Florida. Another notable ranking was up and coming shredder Jimmie LaRich. Everyone in Florida knows this kids potential and he finally had a chance to shine.  Jimmy placed 2nd…above other highly qualified riders like LF’s own Tino Santori.  Coverage of the event can be seen at
Board-Up Miami…$17,000 prize money up for grabs, May 13th!
Board-Up Miami was created to help grow the fastest growing action sport of wakeboarding. The Board-Up Miami event, scheduled for May 13th, will be Miami’s first premier Pro-Am Wakeboard Championship and will have a cash prize of $10,000 for the winner!  Along with the wake action, there will be a music festival featuring DJ Irie, Atomic Tangerine, The Linx, The Spam All-Stars, and DJ Jazzy Jeff! Philip Soven, Jimmie LaRich, Robert Soven and others will represent Liquid Force and bring you the action you’re looking for.  Visit for schedule, exact location and other valuable info.…2 legit 2 quit
This new site is freaking amazing…seriously… you have to check out to see the latest in wake news, events, and lifestyle.  From music, video (check out Kyle Walton and his ocean winching), articles, and of course… the Alliance Girls!  This site will keep you entertained for hours… nice job guys!  
Miss Super-cross likes to wakeboard
If you want to see the “hottest wakeboarder” on video, go to Check out Miss Supercross rocking the LF girls Hinge vest… we’re sure that’s what you’ll all be looking at.  Also note the 100th issue with the cover boy Phillip Soven hanging out.
Trip Across Germany on the road!
Just when you thought that the Trip Across America was resting for a year, low and behold, it shows up in Germany!  Thanks to our distributor, Karsten, and his crew of riders, The TAA is running strong!  This just in from Karsten…”Hey guys… Our tour started yesterday with bad weather but big success with new customers. Everybody is stoked on the new products and happy that the team riders are giving instructions and helping with their decision for a board/binding setup.  It’s going to be a great summer!”
Thanks for keeping the TAA alive, guys!  If you happen to live in Germany, or are planning a trip there this summer and want more info on dates and locations, be sure to check out
Foam Shakas…what Bro-Stock is all about
Take a vacation with our entire team… Shane Bonifay, Shawn Watson, Ben Greenwood, Aaron Reed, Melissa Marquardt, and more will be there to join us in the fun, June 9th-11th.  Book your houseboat with Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas, out of Wahweap Marina, at 1-800-207-8364, or on .  The LF discount code is H30011.  More details (exact location on the lake, day’s activities, etc…) can be found at . See you there!
Free trip to Lake Powell…because we love you
We mentioned this last week, but we might as well remind you every week…Every person that buys a 2006 LF board or binding will be able to enter into our sweepstakes for a free, week-long houseboat rental, courtesy of Liquid Force and Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas.  All that you have to do is fill out a postcard that can be picked up at a local shop, attach your proof of purchase with it, and send it back to us at LF by the middle of September, 2006.  You can also enter at for the chance to win a trip every wakeboarder has dreamed of.
See you at the first Slide Show stop…we’ll bring you highlights next week.