LF Faithful,

Just when you thought the Truth was a thing of the past, we’re back and ready to give you more info on LF happenings than you’ll know what to do with!

First, let’s start in the world of contests and the LF domination that’s been going down…

Tino Santori is the new National Champion, as he threw down one of the most technically solid runs we’ve ever seen! He was solid from start to finish and proved that he is on his game and looking to finish out the season strong! By winning Nationals, Tino’s placed himself at the top of the “King of the Wake” race with 2 events remaining! Also riding strong for LF at the WWA Nationals was Melissa Marquardt as she continued her rise to the top of the contest scene this summer. Melissa placed 2nd and was one of the 4 LF Maven riders finishing in the top 6 of the women’s division… the LF ladies definitely held it down! Another strong finish was thrown down by Aaron Reed! After winning the X-Games rail jam, Reed figured he’d give the Nationals a go. The boat riding format was definitely up Reed’s alley as he impressed with big 3’s, and shuv’s across the wake. Barely missing the first spot, Aaron is now focused and aiming for the World Championship which will be up for grabs later this month in Ft. Worth, TX. Another LF representative looking to claim his place on the World’s podium will be none other than Aaron “Amazing” Grace… yep… the Team Manager extraordinaire has qualified to represent LF in the master division at World’s…. proving that old desk jockey’s can still throw down! Nice work AG and the rest of the LF crew!

In the same weekend, Kevin Henshaw proved once again that he’s no longer an up and coming rider, but that he’s one of the best riders in the world. Kevin landed a HUGE backside 7 to win the Double Up Del Noche event in Milwaukee, WI. The event is a one off event hosted by our friends Keni and Jayson at the Board Shop out of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Other LF riders aiming for the victory included Ben Greenwood, Tino Santori, and Adam Fields. All 3 gave it their all, as did the “who’s who” of the wake industry, but nobody could step up to Kevin’s style and pop! It was a killer night and we’re stoked that Kevin came out on top… he’s turning in to a double up dominating machine!

In previous contests, LF riders have been on top of their game, as well. Wakestock was one such event. Phillip Soven laid claim to the men’s title, while Melissa claimed the top of the podium with a solid and smooth ride in the finals. It was the first time that LF had claimed 1st in the men’s and women’s Pro division at the same event. Kyle Walton narrowly missed out on the wakeskate title, as he took a close 3rd, and Kevin Henshaw and Keith Lyman held it down for LF in the rail contest, taking 2nd and 3rd respectively. Wakestock, as always, was one of the biggest parties of the year… We can’t wait until next year!

In the world of LF inspired contests…The Slide Show continues to roll along…
We’ve finally come to the end… one more event to go… the FINALS!!!!!

With killer events wrapping the season up in Portland, Rocklin, and Orlando, the field is set and ready for the finals in Houston, Sept. 29th. Having recently added Shelby Cantor out of the Rocklin Cope and McPhetres event (yep… that’s right… the girl killed it and will be the only female looking for the victory in Houston. The guys better watch out, she can hold her own on the rails!), and Matt Hirschbiel from Orlando this past weekend at the event held by Performance Ski and Surf, the field is set. Look for complete recaps of the Rocklin and Orlando events to be showing up on our website this week. For now, though, here’s the final list of regional champs that have qualified to compete for the Slide Show National Champ Title…

Carlsbad, CA…. Eddie Valdez
Kansas City, KS… Ben Bazis
Minneapolis, MN… Collin Ryan
Atlanta, GA… Brian Reeder
Salt Lake City, UT… Jason Kimball
Portland, OR… Mike Cardoza
Canada… Chris Canuel
Rocklin, CA… Shelby Cantor
Orlando, FL…Matt Hirschbiel

All of the regional winners will be flying to Houston to hang with the LF crew of riders that will be there to show the Houston crowd how tech the LF wakeboarders and wakeskaters can get on the rail… along with putting on a killer demo, the pros will be judging the Am’s and declaring one winner as the Slide Show champ! M2 Sports, along with Bill Geiger of the Texas Wakeboard Tour will be hosting the downtown Houston event under the lights… it’s guaranteed to be a night of exciting action!

In Slide Show “one-off” contests…
LF, Surf Expo, and Monster Energy have teamed up to put on a Rail Jam at next weekend’s Surf Expo… with help from rail builder extraordinaire, Pat Panakos, Gregg Necrason and the LF crew will be building a monster rail setup in the parking lot of the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. The event will include the industry’s top wakeskaters and wakeboarders, and will include a best trick contest, as well as other contests within the contest. For more details, check out http://www.wakeworld.com/getarticle.asp?articleid=851. More details regarding the schedule and rider list will be announced shortly… if you’re anywhere near the Orlando market, be sure to check out this “can’t miss” event!

In industry popularity contest news…
LF riders represented well in the Annual WakeBoarding Magazine Readers Polls…
Aaron Reed came up huge with a victory in the Wakeskate division! The outspoken wakeskater has been a huge addition to the LF team this year… we’re proud to have him on our team and in our family!
In the wakeboarding department, LF claimed 2 of the top 3 women’s results as Amber Wing placed 2nd and Melissa took 3rd. Melissa has consistently been in the top 3, but this was the first time that Amber had made it to the top 3. After landing the 7, was there any doubt she’d make it in the top 3?
In the guy’s wakeboarding department, Shane Bonifay narrowly missed landing the top spot, but still managed to place higher than he ever had as he took 2nd! Shane has consistently moved up in the charts, proving that the readers appreciate style and individuality… two things that Shane has plenty of! Other LF riders in the top 10 included the always stylish and popular Shawn Watson, as well as the contest machine and defending World Champ, Phillip Soven. For info on how to grab a mag for yourself and read more about this poll, check out www.wakeboardingmag.com .

LF riders and product went big in the Annual Wakeworld.com Riders Choice online poll…
We started things off right with 5 of the top 10 places in the “Top Male Wakeboarder” category… Shane, Watson, Phillip, Lyman and Benny G took their places in the top 5. In the “Top Female” Category, LF took 2 of the top 5 spots, with Melissa edging out Amber for the top 3. Aaron Reed showed that he’s not as popular with the online community as he is with the magazine community, but he still managed to make it into the top 5. Maybe he should stay out of those chat room discussions from here on out! Haha. And in what was stated as a “blowout” victory, Watson and his pro model board and bindings claimed the top “product” spots in both the wakeboard category and binding category. Nice work to all that were involved and thanks to all that voted!

In LF Films news…
Although we won’t be winning any “Video of the Year” titles this year, it wasn’t for a lack of activity. Justin has been going non-stop for the past 18 months working on what is expected to be the best wake video ever… The Truth! Justin has set the release date of November 15th, so look for this film to be in the finest wake dealers around before the Holiday season… perfect for stocking stuffers and perfect for keeping the avid wake rider stoked throughout the cold winter months! For more info, including teasers and Justin’s blog, check out www.liquidforcefilms.com .

2 weeks left to sign up for the LF Powell Houseboat giveaway!!!! That’s right; you only have 2 weeks left to submit your entry. On October 1st, we’ll be picking one lucky winner that will get to vacation at Powell for 5 days on their own luxury houseboat provided by Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas. For more info, check out http://www.liquidforce.com/powell-contest.htm.

Speaking of Lake Powell… It’s been a couple of months since the LF crew and our BROstock event invaded the best lake in the world. We have been collecting tons of photos from the BROstock event and figured we’d share a few with you right now… as you can see, it was fun had by all… be sure to keep on the lookout for BROstock 2007 event news… 2006 was a blast, but 2007 is going to take things even farther!

Well… until next time, that’s it… stay tuned for future edition’s of the Truth where you get all the LF info you could ever ask for!