It was the biggest celebration of wakeboarding and wakeskating in Louisiana this past weekend, Louisiana Spring Fling, and you know what that means. People from around the South brought out their boats to ride, party and generally make it really difficult for us to have a photoshoot. I was there with Reed Hansen, Matt Manzari and Ryan Lemons to do a feature for the mag, and Spring Fling made up the tail end of our trip. I don’t want to give away too much (and there’s already some details on so we’ll just talk a little bit about the event,

Basically it’s a three-day freeride with a few sanctioned events: a nighttime rail jam, video premieres, a bikini contest and possibly even a double up contest. I say possibly because we didn’t stick around to see if it actually went down (they were waiting for enough riders when we left and since Reed Hansen dropped out in order to drive us all home, well, who knows.)

Atchafalaya Basin played host to the event, with McGee’s Landing providing Cajun cooking for all in attendance. This year’s turn out may have been a bit hampered by pesky Mother’s Day, but there were still plenty of folks out to celebrate springtime. And as you would expect, there was more Southern Hospitality then you could shake a stick at.