Today myself and a buddy, Clayton Krause decided we needed to ride a boat and get off our laptops'. The new addition to our house that we moved into, swallowed us alive for a few days…. The internet. We haven't had this great luxury in a while. So there's been a lot of catching up to do.. Its the window to the world. indeed! So i called up Keith Lyman to see if we could get a pull sometime during the day with him. Keith being one of the nicest dudes in the industry invited us to ride with him a while ago, but i knew he was out with a knee injury, and felt bad asking him for a ride if he wasn't riding.. But word on the street was that he is back from injury and starting to shred boat again. Stoked! Its always a pleasure watching the man skim amongst the water. So we tagged along and ended up at Jeff Mckees lake. Keith rode first, bombing the goodness and beating the wake down and popping huge already. Yes Keith and his new knee are quite fond of each other. They work well together… But then a few motorized water mosquitos were following tryna slaysh our wakes.. So either Keith's riding was getting them amped to tear some sheet up, or they saw that Its Mr Lyman and he's back so they wanted to have quick peek, which would be understandable? Or maybe they just like messing up every nice piece of water. Gotta love them. So Keith's set was cut short. Then the Jeffrey was up next. Mr Steezy steez, bouncing around making everything look good. Jeffs good friend Pete popped out a few times and he's back too. During this set we realized that there was a lizard Lyman fan who also heard the word on the street and decided to hang onto and hug Keith's left binding. He stared at emma (Keith's dog) for a while making sure all was cool and then proceeded to watch Jeff ride. Clay had the last set with the mosquito showing its presence even more. But still managed to throw down some stinkers. So ladies and Gents.. its official.. Keith is on the water again and warming into his new knee. He's been rehabbing hard and its all paying off again. If you guys wanna see what Keith's been up to go check out his website and blog. Good to see you on the water again bru, and good luck. Yeep!