Move over Clermont, Lake Oroville has quickly turned into wakeboarding's newest hot spot. Just a few weeks after Liquid Force's second Brostock trip wrapped up at the Northern California lake, the Centurion boats team came out to kick it on a houseboat and shoot for the 2008 catalog. So not only are some of the biggest riders in the sport spending some serious time on Lake Oroville, but it's also a much nicer climate than the hot, muggy confines of Central Florida.

The Centurion trip served several purposes; first and foremost was to shoot photos with new boats for the 2008 catalog, second was to get editorial and video content for us Alliance folk, and third was to hang out and have some fun. Mission accomplished on all three parts.

The riders who make up the Centurion team are some of the most diverse in the sport, but all of the guys had a blast spending a week on a houseboat together and pushing each other while riding. Plus, they all made sure everybody looked their best when posing in the boats.

The 2008 Centurion boats look incredible and all the boys did some serious shredding day in and day out while on the trip. Some of the highlights include Ike's marathon evening sessions while shooting with a flash, watching Drew Danielo do things on a wakesurf board that most people couldn't do on a video game, and Ricky G. going huge every time.

It was literally 4.5 straight days of dawn patrol wake up calls, BBQ hamburgers, riding in a lot of boats for a lot of time, wiping down said boats every 10 minutes to keep them looking sharp, trying to sleep through Travis Propst's lumberjack snoring, shooting from sketchy angles at high speeds, and an occasional paintball incident. Can you really ask for much more?

Keep your eyes peeled on this website for a video coming out in the next couple weeks. Then stay tuned to Alliance Wakeboard for a full article highlighting the trip. Of course, you can expect to see some of the magic from the trip in the 2008 Centurion catalog, as well.