“I don’t know if evolving your vision is a conscious decision, but it’s something that happens because everything around you is progressing. Watching other photographers’ perspectives on things can help you evolve. Riding and riders progressing can help you evolve. And then just not putting your camera down long enough to where you end up in a position where you’re forced to evolve. Once you try to force yourself to evolve it’s probably too late. Some types of photos will always be timeless, but if you’re not evolving you’re going to get left behind. I get bored of repetition. When things become monotonous I feel myself starting to change to mix them up. With this shot of Schwenne filming for ‘Dog Dayz’ I’d been shooting from a chase boat all day and was tired of it. We were right next to an old platform, so I climbed up it and had Schwenne ride past me a bunch. It ended up being the poor man’s helicopter angle, but we were stoked on how everything turned out.”

– Rodrigo Donoso
Alliance Wake Senior Photographer
follow: @rodrigosnaps