The first day of spring was one to remember at MAWI Wake Park in Oklahoma. With a blizzard dropping 8 inches of snow that day, the temperature below freezing, and the wind chills in the low teens the Skeen brothers took to the water to ride some rails. Garrett and Trent Skeen braved the blizzard that was near white out conditions. “The rooftop had atleast an inch of ice on it when I first hit it! The ice was breaking off and hitting me in the face” Trent stated after he climbed out of the frigid water. After completing their goal of twenty laps around the park they immediately ran inside and put their feet to the binding heat mold machine! ‘This is probably something that we will never do again, but with the cable park tuned up and ready to run we saw an opportunity to have some fun and jumped all over it!’ said Garrett after his body thawed out!