Self timer smiles (photo: Arlingtonlane)

Alliance: You’ve been shooting with us for a few years now and we can always expect something good when we get a submission from you. It’s either an action shot or a girl in a bikini which begs the question: which do you prefer?

Arlingtonlane: Even after eight years in the industry, I’m constantly pushing myself to learn new skills and grow creatively so I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of shooting action over the last couple of years. I love seeing the stoke on the rider’s face when we nail the shot. I must say though, I also love fashion lifestyle. I really enjoy capturing raw and natural beauty.

Alliance: What are you currently shooting with? What’s your go-to set up and what’s your dream set up?

Arlingtonlane: I’m a Nikon gal through and through. I am currently running my D610 + 3 Musketeers (aka lenses):

  1. Nikkor 14-24mm 1:2.8G ED
  2. Nikkor 24-70mm 1.2:8G ED
  3. Nikkor 70-200m 1:2.8E FL ED

I also love to shoot portraits with my Nikkor 50mm 1:1.4D and my backup body is my D7000. I’d happily upgrade to a Nikon D5 though with some mighty fine Ikelite housing and have a great time — I’d love to get in the water more. BUT, if a girl can dream than it would be of Leica … long strolls along the beach at sunset with a Leica in hand would be nice …

Alliance: What do you enjoy most about shooting photos?

Arlingtonlane: I have always been a creative and visual person so to be able to combine my creative passion with a career means I feel like I don’t have to “work” a day in my life. I love to play with light and shadows and how I can create a feeling through my imagery. No two days are the same and to see my clients’ faces light up is really rewarding.

Alliance: What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened while out on a shoot? Broken camera? Unexpected trip to the hospital? Let’s hear it!

Arlingtonlane: *laughs* I’m actually struggling to think of any crazy mishaps – I have been pretty lucky so far … knock on wood. Probably the most entertaining and high risk thing I have done during an action shoot has been “vesting up” three times like a giant inflatable toy only to float around in the water with $10K of unprotected gear in hand and being narrowly missed by riders … anything for that perfect angle!

Alliance: What do you enjoy shooting that’s outside the world of wake?

Arlingtonlane: My passion is fashion lifestyle and my bread-and-butter is maternity, newborn, family and editorial. I also shoot events, weddings, real estate, sports and anything commercial.

Alliance: Where can we see more of your work?



IG: @arlingtonlanephotography

(Make sure you all stop by and say hi!)

Alliance: Where do you base yourself out of full-time and how often do you travel for your photography?

Arlingtonlane: I’m an Aussie gal, recently basing myself on the Coffs Coast of NSW in a beautiful little surf town called Mullaway. I travel every few weeks back up the coast to Byron Bay and the Gold Coast and my photography also takes me to many spots around Australia and other countries.

Alliance: Where’s the coolest place photography has taken you?

Arlingtonlane: The beautiful Cook Islands, where I shot an intimate wedding in Aitutaki. The picturesque landscape and whole vibe of the island is idyllic.

Alliance: Do you ever put down the camera and ride or do you mostly stay behind the lens?

Arlingtonlane: To this day, I have never tried wakeboarding *laughs*. Many have tried to coax me into the water and none have yet succeeded …

Alliance: What was the first camera you ever owned? Do you still have it?

Arlingtonlane: My first camera was a pink Barbie camera when I was just five years old. It was a weapon *laughs*. In the late 80’s, I upgraded to a Kodak 110mm Extralite in pink. I wish I could say I still had them! My first DSLR was my D7000 which I still have as my “Plan B”.

Alliance: Everybody loves a good shout out so let’s hear them!

Arlingtonlane: I’d love to give a shout out firstly to my amazing husband and my family who have always supported my creative dream. Also to all of the crew at Alliance over the last few years who continue to froth over my imagery. I also need to give a special mention to my good friends Jeff Weatherall and Hayley Smith who introduced me to the industry many moons ago and many of the athletes and content creators. Thank you to Marlon Platt at Wake Magazine Australia who was the first to feature my imagery and also thank you to all of the riders who have gone big for me and pushed themselves for “the shot”. To all of my babes who model for me, you’re all amazing. Lastly, big hugs to all of my awesome clients all over the world who continue to keep my dream alive.