Nicolas Leduc letting his board lead the way (photo: Rios)

Up close & personal with Maxime Giry (photo: Caminati)

Bec Gange getting a nice bite of melan while in the states (photo: Mathis)

Signature Jeff langley will never get old (photo: Donoso)

Just kicking it with Victor Salmon. NBD. (photo: Kolb)

Guenther Oka cleaning up the Dirty Delta one photoshoot at a time (photo: Donoso)

Somewhere over the rainbow, you’ll find a pot of gold and Alex Graydon (photo: Mathis)

Liquid gold with Shota Tezuka (photo: Mathis)

Apparently Mickey Henry was told to play with fire as a kid. Must be a Canadian thing. (photo: Grange)

Wrong way Terry Bailey! (photo: Mathis)

 In case you didn’t know, Gordon Harrison makes wakeboarding look good. Thanks Gordy. (photo: Mathis)