The May issue of Alliance is out and we wanted to give you a sneak peek at one of the more interesting highlights… The Hi Roller Classic.


Team Gutter Done makes their way into Colonial Lanes for the Hi Roller Classic   All photography: Bryan Soderlind


This bowling bonanza made its way to Orlando and featured 18 teams made up of heavy hitters, rising stars, bros, babes, and everything in between. Hosted at the classic Colonial Lanes, participants dressed the part of the locale and got seriously funky – imported straight from the 70’s and 80’s. Team names were just as important as outfits and most of them were all business: 2 Legit to Split, Spare Chance, The Sofa Kings, The Zombies, The Bowling Stones, Wingin’ Balls, The Indian Mound Boys, 3 Fingers Max, Broads with Balls, The Jive Turkeys, Gutter Done, The Heavy Splitters, Blue Balls, Pin Awesome Since 76, Stinky Fingers, Glory Bowl, and Rollin’ Dirty.


Shane “DangerPin!” Bonifay

The evening started off casually with all competitors hanging out at the bar and grabbing some Not Beers, but you could tell competition was in the air as friendly high-fives and hugs instantly turned into stares of “your outfit is not as good as mine” or “I bet my ball weighs more than yours”. After portraits were taken for the Hi Roller Classic official site, it was time to bowl. Not Beer flowed and pins were rattling around for the next couple hours – the action was intense, to say the least, not to mention the tight pants and hot attitudes.


  Long hair (and a ball bag)… definitely don’t care!


The Master keeping the Apprentice loose


Ginger Rose

Well into the next morning the bowling finally came to an end. It was so heated that no winner could actually be determined because of all the effort, energy, posing, funk, and Not Beer that went into the competition between all the teams. It also didn’t help that the official scorekeeper was found passed out in the locker room with four teams remaining in the tournament… In the opinion of this publication/website though, team Gutter Done was the clear overall winner for best outfits, poses, hair (including facial), and their not-terrible-bowling. If you want to see all the insane awesomeness from this one-of-a-kind bowling bro/babe bonanza, head over to organizer Bryan Soderlind’s story here, the photos are likely to distract you from work (and filing your taxes at the last minute) for a solid hour… If you want to see some of the best portraits from the Hi Roller Classic be sure to grab the May issue of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine.


One very happy bowling bro


Watson hi-rolling


If you don’t find this intimidating you’re either blind or dead… Rumor has it these guys got into a tag-team hair whipping contest in the parking lot with some crazy locals after the contest