Ethell learing

 Ethell getting a lesson on her 18th birthday,

Meagan Ethell is best known as one of wakeboarding’s leading ladies. On February 1, she traded her lifejacket for a parachute in celebration of her 18th birthday.

Ethell is no stranger to pushing the limit with a first place finish at Wake Games and a Masters title to her name. This year, the wakeboarding pro has no plans of slowing down. “I want to live this year to the fullest and take every opportunity I can get,” said Ethell, who hopes to land more tricks and earn more titles than ever before.

Meagan took her talent to new heights on Sunday, jumping alongside the Red Bull Air Force over Sebastian Inlet. “Skydiving has been a dream of mine,” said Ethell. The wakeboarding phenom landed her first tandem jump, complete with a series of eight backflips and various maneuvers in freefell.

“I was so excited to the point where I started to cry,” said Ethell. Skydiving is a lot like wakeboarding because you have to perform to your best.”

Whether she’s dropping in from the sky or dropping new tricks out on the water, 18-year-old Ethell has a lot to celebrate in 2015.

Photos:Tyler Soden(wake) Miles Stancil(skydiving)