Meet Nick Galotifiore (Gal –o- ta- FURRY)

Many of you might not know who Nick Galotifiore is but you will after this years pro tour. Nick rides Jr. Pro mens but has a pretty impressive resume behind him in including a back to back wins at the Atlanta and Dallas pro tour stops.

From New York, raised in Virginia Beach, VA, Nick moved to Orlando FL, when his pro wakeboarding career needed a push. This gave him the opportunity to ride with others who could quickly improve his trick list and get him in front of some influential photographers.

It didn’t take him long from the time he started riding in June 2005 to get where he is today. In August of that year, his now favorite pro rider, Adam Fields took him under his wing and developed Nick as a rider and person. For anyone that has been taught by Adam, it usually leads to quick success.

You can see the influence when you watch Nick ride. Nick believes style is much more important then trick difficulty.  “It is important to grab your tricks and add a poke or tweak to everything. The best riders in the world like Keith Lyman don’t necessarily win contest, but are more fun to watch free ride with this style.”
Nick has competed at many of the Atlas Wake Series events. In 2008 he came up short against Adam at the Virginia Beach stop but put on a great showing.  In 2010 he placed first in Wilmington beating rider Stephen Pierce.

When Nick isn’t riding, he practices on his trampoline, referees youth hockey, or daydreams about his celeb fantasy Katherine Heigle.

As Nick’s promising future in wakeboarding continues, he has a great deal of support from an amazing family and some great sponsors: The Board Room of Elizabeth City, NC. Dunkelvolk Clothing, and Liquid Force.  His quest won’t be complete until he becomes a Red Bull team rider.

Nick answered some quick questions for us:
Dogs or Cats? Nick- “Birds” (Nick didn’t do well in school)
East Coast or West Coast? Nick – “East Coast! Everyone I have ever met from there  have been super positive and really nice. People in general in the sport are really cool, but the East Coast riders are the best!”
Facebook or Twitter? Nick – “Facebook! Twitter sucks!”
Chicken or Beef? – Nick “Beef”
Asian or Mexican? – Nick “Mexican! Wait we are talking about food right?”

Keep your eyes on this rider, he is moving up the ladder quickly and might be having a break out year.
By: Rob Mendieta- Empire Wake