Birthdate: March 15 1987
Schweinfurt, Germany
Home Cable:
Thulba and now Langenfeld

Sponsors: O’Neill, Rockstar, Bern, Electric, Sesitec, Unit, SkullCandy

Who is Your All Time Favorite American Gladiator?

Wow it was like 10 years ago and I can’t remember any names, but we DID have the show in Germany for about 1 year I think. It flopped though. I just liked the girls and the tits. When I was 10 years old that was some sexy stuff haha!

What’s the worst part about competing against Tom Fooshee?

I had a situation 2 years ago at the T-Mobile Playgrounds event where I laid down one of my best runs ever, and then Tom pretty much did the same run with no problem at all and threw a 9 instead of my 7 off the kicker. It was crazy because at that point I realized just how good he really is. I love putting pressure on him though. It feels good to know that he’s sweating on the dock instead of taking victory laps. It was also interesting to see young Daniel Grant had him shaking in his boots down in the Philippines.

What are the Top 5 Cable Parks Outside of the US?

1. Thai Wake Park – Thailand

2. TurnCable – Germany

2. Langenfeld – Germany

2. Thulba – Germany

3. CWC – Philippines

4. There are soo many more good ones in the works…

Who’s Your Favorite Character on the Show Baywatch?

Haha! I know what you want me to say but it’s definitely not David Hasselhoff. Americans think that he is some big icon in Germany but it’s not true. He probably thinks he is, but trust me, he isn’t.

What’s Your Favorite Thing to Order at In N’ Out Burger?

In a what?

How Many Liters of Beer can you Hold Down?

I’m not a strong drinker so 1 is usually enough for me…

We Heard There is a Puking Station in the Bathroom at the Famous Haughbrough House…is This True?

Really? No we don’t need a station we can puke everywhere…German’s don’t care. Haha.

What’s the Story with Germans, Neon Colors and Techno Music?

Huh? Neon shorts? German wakeboarders (puzzled)? I think that all came from America. And the Neon from Nick Davies But he’s English.

What’s the Secret to Getting so Much Air on the Cable?

You just have to learn how to load the cable correctly. It definitely comes with time. System 2.0 is a great way to learn with a super short rope and a high cable. It’s all about the edge and rotation at first, and the air just comes with time.

You Ride for Rockstar, Does that Mean you are in a Band?

Haha…Some people ask me that: “Are You a Rockstar?” But no it’s not required.

Well the Reason I Ask is Because I’m in a Band and This One Time we Played a Sold Out Show to Almost 500 People, but Rockstar Still Hasn’t Called to Sponsor Me…

Hmmm…they probably just lost you phone number.

What do you Eat before you Hit the Cable for the Day?

Well first off the Germans eat at home a lot. When I first came to America I was shocked at how many restaurants there are and how often people eat away from home.

What’s Your favorite restaurant in the U.S.?

Oh you will laugh when I say this…Taco Bell. I love soft tacos. The first time I came to the U.S. I was eating 20 soft tacos throughout the day.

What do Germans think Americans Eat all the Time?

Fast food no? That’s why America has more fat people right? Haha!

Who has Hotter Women? Germany or America?


I heard they all Have Hairy Pits…


You may recognize Steffen from his performance in this internet gem we posted a while back…However, it’s definitely worth refreshing your memory.