On September 14, 2013, the worlds of wakeboarding and waterskiing collided under stadium lights to showcase the best examples of extreme watersports. Some of the nation’s top waterski jumpers and wakeboarders came together in St. Louis, MO for over 3,000 spectators at the Midwest NightFly. As the newest stop on US Waterski Pro Tour and soon to be a milestone on the pro wakeboard circuit, the Midwest NightFly was an event like none other.

Throughout the day, Midwest NightFly showcased every facet of watersports: trick skiing, trick jumping, extreme barefooting, hydrofoiling, show skiing, flyboarding, and more. The entire day was filled with exhibitions from national champion skiers, wakeboarders and waterski teams. If that was not enough, the entire 2000 acre St. Louis Creve Coeur Park was closed off and filled with on-land activities for everyone to enjoy.  These activities included a rock climbing wall, inflatable area and activities for kids, and the always-popular beer garden.  Redbull catered the sounds of the event along with a special giveaway from local Redbull wakeboarder, Mike Dowdy.  Redbull also sponsored the VIP area, which was filled with plenty of refreshments and top-notch food catered by Spazios. There were also opportunities for spectators to view local watersports vendors, take Toyota test drives, ride Kawasaki Jetskis, and try their hand at waterskiing, wakerboarding, and flyboarding during the demo day.  As a special treat, pro rider Jade Whirly offered to stick around to offer lessons to local enthusiasts.

The main event began at sundown on Saturday and showcased some extreme action: wakeboard “big air” off a kicker and waterski long jump. Nationally known riders for the wakeboard community included; Derek Cook, Jade Whirly, Timmy Burnier, Nick Canker, Kirby Liesmann along with a few handpicked local riders including the Midwest NightFly’s first year champion, Kyle Woehler.  These guys put on a jaw dropping show as they flew off kickers only feet from spectators.  It was a challenge for the judges with so much style and amplitude being thrown. The results where: (1) Kyle Woehler – (Nosegrab Pete Rose), (2) Derek Cook – (Half Cab Indy Roll to revert) (3) Tim Burnier- (Indy Glide), (4) Jade Whirly – (Euro Ollie toeside backside 3) (5) Nick Kamber – (Indy tantrum to blind).

We would like to thank all our sponsors: Anheuser Busch-Inbev, Mastercraft, Malibu, Seeger Toyota, Redbull, Progressive, SubZero, Big St. Charles Kawasaki, Maryland Heights CVB, Spazios, Upper Limits, State-a-Mind Watersports and Dri-Port Marine Inc.