Summer and fall have passed and now winter has finally made it to the northwest with full force. At my house right now we have 2 feet of snow and I live at sea level, pretty dope.

The last week and half have been so sick, my life is recharged with all this snow. Also my long time friends Silas Thurman and Kevin Henshaw came up to visit me in the great northwest.

Plans had already been made and there was no snow, oh well lets just drive up to whistler and blackcomb to get our shred on. Whistler was all rocks and ice but we searched and we saw my home, Mt. Baker was about to be slammed. So we drove back to my house in bellingham. Yep we were right, Baker received 22 inches and we where chest deep in pow. For the next eight days we were receiving anywhere from 5 to 17 inches a night. That’s the Baker I know, finally. I took Kevin out hiking in the back country with my good friends Shaun Mckay, Patrick McCarthy, and Jake Blauvelt. It was rad to show Kevin what I do when I’m not wakeboaring and also give him a good scare. Yep hiking the arm can get gnarly. At the end of it Kevin explained that he needs to live up north next year for the snow season and maybe year round. We sure have it good in the great northwest, more snow than we handle and a ton of lakes to shred during the warm months.

Just a reminder all photos where taken with my I-phone. I have to wait on cameras enough in the summer there is not a chance I’m going to wait on cameras with a thousand feet of vertical pow in front of me.

Mikey Ennen

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