Just the other day i made my way to Clear Lake for a little Dustpan photoshoot with Collin Harrington, Clay fletcher and Erik Ruck. We all met up at Collins garage which is pretty much the heart of the hood. It's the place where everyone seems to congregate on a daily basis to establish a plan for the day or establish that there is no plan for the day. There was a plan for this particular day but before we were ready to dive into that plan the guys decided to rip some bluegrass jams on the front porch. Clay was on the Banjo, Collin on the bass and the Ruckster on the good old guitar. All I can say is that after the first 5 seconds I was ready to get on the phone and find these guys a gig. They ripped! The neighbors must be so stoked to get a free daily concert from the front porch of Clay and Collins home! Collin was walking the bass like it was his job as Clay morphed into this strange porch monkey country star alter ego…The Ruckster was plucking away at the strings as though he was born on the front porch with only a guitar and a lawn chair. They had this one jam where they all chant like pirates singing something about shaving a guys back with a rusty razor…OK so maybe the lyrics need some work; Or do they? Hmmmm,,,,Enjoy the pics.