Munich Mash 2019 has been absolutely mind blowing. The best of the best came together to heat up the crowd at Munich’s historical olympic park pulled by The New System 2.0.

At the end it was Dominik Hernler – AUT (Team Sesitec) and Julia Rick – GER taking down the win by their flawless runs and a rock-solid overall impression.

1. Place Team Contest:
Team Black – John Dreiling (USA), Liam Peacock (GB), Anna Nikstad (USA)

Men‘s final:
1. Dominik Hernler (AUT)
2. Liam Peacock (GB)
3. John Dreiling (USA)

Women‘s final:
1. Julia Rick (GER)
2. Anna Nikstad (USA)
3. Maryh Rougier (FR)

// Camera: Lukas Riedl (Smaragd medien GmbH)
// 2nd angle: Patrick Catford
// Production: Sesitec
// Song: Moon – Stand tall think clear
// Thumbnail: Chris Lehnert Photography

Thanks Munich Mash, Munich Mash crew, Philip Frankenberger, all volunteers, Unit Parktech, Jascha Wonka, riders management, all riders, the judges, the filmers, the commentators, olympic park munich, Sesitec staff and everyone else who was involved.

We can’t wait for next year…
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