Man hugs, short shorts, bronze bods and Andy Lazarus…Only at the N.A.R.L.A. video premier could you find all 4 of these items. Wait, I guess the first three could be found in other places that I would prefer not to visit, but Andy Lazarus usually doesn’t show up. Whatever the case, the N.A.R.L.A. premier was smashing. First off, you had to REALLY WANT TO SEE IT, so much that a trip to Miami wasn’t out of the question. Apart from the stars of the film, other celebrity appearances included: Chase Heavener, Matt Staker, Matt Manzarri, Josh Letchworth, Bo Burton, Bob Sichel, and Kyle Hyams. Keep in mind that this video has been 4 years in the making, so you can bet your ass it’s filled with some seriously skilled maneuvers performed by some of the most recognized athletes the sport of wakeskating has ever known.



In an effort to promote the event, DVS team Manager Jim Leatherman was spotted wearing some rather revealing shorts (displaying the NARLA logo of course!) at the Standard Resort in Miami’s South Beach. was able to get a quick snapshot of the new knickers just before being escorted by security. Other A-list celeb’s vacationing at the Standard that weekend included Myles Vickers, Danny Hampson, and Thomas Horrell!


An inside source tells that during the premiere on Saturday night (7/21/07) Aaron Reed was spotted whispering sweet nothings into fellow team rider Danny Hampson’s ear. In a post premiere press conference Reed’s publicist informed that “Aaron was simply congratulating Hampson on his outstanding video section…Reed was actually attending the event with none other than his longtime sweetheart Jami-Lane.”


In all, the event was stacked full of celebs and the world premiere of NARLA was awesome. As expected, the morning after the premiere everyone got kicked out of the Standard hotel by the owner himself, and we all went our separate ways. Pick up NARLA ASAP and TAKE BACK THE RIVER…