The 2010 National Points Championship turned out to be not only the largest cable wakeboard competition in United States history, but also the most fun. With teams traveling to Texas from all over the nation the talent level and anticipation was as high as it had been all year at TSR. From early on in the week this event had a much different feel than Cablestock or the WWA World Wake Park Series, both held earlier this season at TSR. For many riders this event was the first time they have had the opportunity to compete on a national stage not only for themselves but also as a team. Each of the 120 riders had to qualify by placing in the top five at their local summer series to be invited to the National Points Championship.

Many riders arrived early in the week to get comfortable with the cable and obstacles TSR has to offer. McCormick’s team from Tampa, Florida had the largest disadvantage because their cable rotates clockwise, opposite of every other park in the U.S. One of the greatest aspects of the event was meeting new friends from parks across the country. This type of event will encourage athletes to visit other parks and we will also see the level of riding increase rapidly as this event and series grows. In fact the southern parks are already discussing a winter series to continue the hype, as well as plans for next year summer series and championship.

The event began Friday afternoon with the upper divisions taking to the water to battle it out in the qualifying rounds. If riders did not make it through they received a second opportunity in the LCQ (Last Chance Qualifier) rounds later in the event. After day one TSR took the lead in team standings and looked the most comfortable at their home park. McCormicks help the second spot and the big surprise of the tournament saw MAWI (Oklahoma) in third place for the first half of the tournament. The new owners, the Skeen Family, have done a great job with the local talent to create an environment many parks would be jealous of. This was never more evident than when watching the youngster, Dylan Branch, compete and impress in the advanced division with a smile from ear to ear. The riders battled it out in four different wakeboard divisions and wakeskate as points were tallied for the team totals. Wakeski and an impromptu kneeboard division were exhibition events, but were as fun as the others.

As the event continued the fun and excitement began to build. The team scores were getting much closer in the middle of the pack and the biggest question was which team would accompany TSR and McCormicks on the podium. It would take the finals to decide the third place team. OWC came out of nowhere behind the championship wins by Damien Savinon (beginner) and Yonel Cohen (intermediate) in the first two final heats. Both riders winning a 2011 Tom Fooshee board from Liquid Force for their efforts. The advanced division was won by Conner Shepherd, who competed during the summer series with a broken arm to qualify for Team TSR. The advanced division is where TSR accumulated the most points towards the team championship. Each of the three riders (Conner Shepherd, Blake Hess and Hunter Hanson) made it to the finals and accumulated 670 points between them. The pro wakeskate and wakeboard division were won by two Texans that have ended up on top of the podium more than any other riders in the history of TSR, Tom Fooshee and Bret Little. Because of Tom’s traveling schedule and Bret’s midseason shoulder injury they both were alternates and did not count towards the team scoring. Only the top three riders from each park summer series counted towards team scoring while riders that finished fourth or fifth were invited to ride individually as team alternates.

For those of you who didn’t stick around you missed the impromptu kneeboard competition, which saw Josh Rice barely edge out Jade Whirely. Tricks were thrown down that amazed the judges that included Dano who was in town to announce the event. With tricks like Jade’s transfer to backside 180 out, and Josh Rice’s hitting the kink rail gapping a lot of it and then a 360 off the peak it was tough to contain the laughter and enthusiasm.

In the end, the event was more successful than anyone could have imagined. To have that many riders from all of the U.S. parks was unbelievable. Wakeboarding is supposed to be fun and if all tournaments were as fun as this one the sport could grow to new heights. Thank you to all of the teams and riders that traveled in from across the country to make the event. TSR would also like to thank the sponsors that helped with the prizes for the riders and marketing the event: Liquid Force , MasterCraft , VonZipper , Pro-Tec , Nike 6.0 , Monster , Freestyle , Alliance , ten-80 & Sector 9 . Team videos that were produced for the 200 person banquet held friday night at TSR will be available for viewing at

Final Results:

1 TSR  2465
2 McCormicks  1865
3 OWC  1350
4 Ski Rixen  1125
5 Mawi  1040
6 KCW  1020
7 Revolution  865
8 Wake Nation  405

1 Tom Fooshee TSR-Alt 87
2 Cody Johnson TSR-Alt 79
3 Kyle Cameron TSR 72
4 Josh Rice TSR 63.5
5 Julian Cohen OWC 57
6 Sam Scoggins TSR 33

Wakeskate FINALS
1 Bret Little TSR-Alt 79
2 Aaron Perkins OWC 66
3 Collin Haas KCW 56
4 Travis Belsito Mc 49

Advanced FINALS
1 Connor Shepherd TSR 63
2 Stephen Waddle Mawi 62
3 Doug Schumacher Rixen 61
4 Hunter Hansen TSR 57
5 Louise Sawyer TSR-Alt 55
6 Blake Hess TSR 50

Intermediate FINALS
1 Yonel Cohen OWC 66
2 Chandler Powell Mc 64.5
3 Colby Mnich KCW 54
4 Danny Sardegna Mc 51
5 Colton Moran TSR 45
6 Emmit Hall TSR 42

Beginner FINALS
1 Damien Savinon OWC 86.5
2 Austin Shuford Mawi 86
3 Michael Simmons TSR 68
4 Tyler Somer TSR 67.5
5 Rachel Munsell Mc 66
6 Julian Borgia Rev 65
6 Jake Pelot OWC 59

Wakeski FINALS (Exhibition Event)
1 Dan Olson Mc 90
2 Andy Baker TSR 80
3 Hunetr Hansen TSR INJ

Kneeboard FINALS (Exhibition Event 🙂
1 Josh Rice TSR 98
2 Jade Whirley TSR 97
3 Kyle McCutcheon Mc 53